Sony's PlayStation 3 was one of the last consoles to use unique and proprietary technology. For the past three decades, game systems used proprietary components and programming to set themselves apart from the competition. Unfortunately, this meant that developers had to rewrite codes for multiplatform games. Today, PCs and the newest game systems use the same programming language, thanks in part to the trouble that the PlayStation 3 has had with its cell processing and unique development language. Fortunately, the PS3 continues to improve with new gaming experiences and media apps, making it one of the most versatile video game consoles we reviewed.

On paper, the PlayStation 3 is an amazingly powerful gaming console. It uses a high-powered graphics card and a unique cell processor. It's a theoretical super computer, able to handle hundreds of processes at once without overheating. Unfortunately, few developers actually know how to harness this power. Because it is so different from other video game consoles, the PlayStation 3 suffers with buggy versions of popular games. Even first-party developers cannot harness the PS3's full potential, and most games only feature 720p resolution. Still the PS3 is a great gaming system. The system has a huge variety of exclusive games, and many of the multiplatform games receive software updates within six months of launch.

The biggest advantage to the PlayStation 3 is its free online service, the PlayStation Network. Once you've created an account, you can play games online, access the store and download a variety of media apps. Sony offers PlayStation Plus as an additional network service for $50 each year. Plus gives you a free PS3, PS4 or PS Vita game each week, and you can play these games as long as you have a Plus account. The PlayStation 3 also lets you play many downloaded games remotely with the Vita. All of these features are part of the constantly evolving and improving PS3 system, so you can count on the console continuing to improve over the next few years.

The PlayStation 3 is a great entertainment hub thanks to its Blu-ray drive, media apps and free access to the internet. The console is capable of voice and video chat, but you have to buy separate devices to access these programs. The PS3 lacks cross-game chat support, a feature on other consoles that allows you to voice chat with friends while you play different games. It is not likely that this feature will appear in any of the system updates in the future.

Sony PlayStation 3 Summary:

The Sony PlayStation 3 is a diverse video game console, offering interesting games, free online play and several media apps. Its system architecture looks powerful on paper, but many games suffer from bugs and glitches at launch. Even though the PlayStation 4 is now on shelves, Sony continues to improve the PS3 through constant system updates, a steady stream of games and great entertainment options.

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Sony PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 offers free online gameplay through the PlayStation Network.

Many publishers have issues porting games to the PS3, and most multiplatform games suffer major bugs and glitches on this console.

The Verdict
: 8.38/10

Although it's a last-gen console, the Sony PlayStation 3 is still among the best gaming devices thanks to free online gaming and a huge roster of games, many of which are exclusive to the system.