The Nintendo Wii is one of the most recognizable gaming systems in years. In fact, some suspect that the Wii U has had trouble selling because many families do not understand that it is whole new console. As a family video game console, the Wii could be the most inclusive and diverse system available. While it has lots of potential, it does not have a great selection of games. On top of its poor game selection, the Wii has one of the worst online connectivity systems ever created, and it is difficult to play online games with your friends. Also, Nintendo no longer supports this system, so its days on store shelves are numbered.

The Nintendo Wii's standout feature is its unique controller. As the first gaming system to offer motion games as the primary way to play, the Wii is simple to pick up and enjoy. The console includes "Wii Sports," a compilation of mini games that anyone can play and enjoy. Most of the Nintendo-developed games are fun and accessible for any age group, but the third-party games are usually repetitive and buggy.

While you can use the Wii to play games and watch Netflix, most of the other media tools are being discontinued. Since launching the Wii U, Nintendo stopped supporting this gaming system. Online services are shutting down, and there are fewer new games each month.

Even when the Wii was new, it was not able to compete with its contemporaries in terms of specs. The Wii is unable to read music CDs and DVDs, and the console's maximum resolution is standard definition 480p. On top of that, in order to contact your friends, you have to trade complex numeric Friend Codes. Very little about the Wii embraced emerging technologies, and today the gaming system is frustratingly antiquated.

Although Nintendo no longer supports the Wii with system updates and new games, you can still find technical help and support on Nintendo's website. Nintendo offers detailed FAQs, and you can email and call customer support representatives. As long as the problem does not involve one of the expired services, Nintendo can help you find the answers you need.

Nintendo Wii Summary:

The Nintendo Wii is a great family video game console, thanks to its motion games and simple interface. Unfortunately, Nintendo no longer supports the console, and many of the games are dull and buggy. Fortunately, many Wii games are great for all gamers of any age and skill level.


Nintendo Wii

The Wii was the first console with motion games, and gamers of all ages and skill levels can play.

Nintendo no longer develops Wii games and apps.

The Verdict
: 4.13/10

The Nintendo Wii offered a unique experience when first released, but newer consoles have outpaced the last-gen technology.